Triple Purpose

With Triple Purpose, what has so often been called a tough and time-consuming mission is now tangible and trouble-free, due to the joint effort of the professional, dynamic and experienced members of our cooperative team.

Founded by Assaad Said - though officially registered in 2008 - Triple Purpose team dates so far back as decades before, pioneering in different adventure groups such as “Lebanese adventure”, “Adventure Tour” and numerous outdoor activities. Our instructors and guides have come together with combined effort to form this group, with a view to providing you with a large range of specialized services that will meet your expectations.

As it appears in our name, our services are organized under three main categories: Adventure, Events, and Television (media). In the adventure and event fields, we organize a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in the most careful and defined measures. These activities, from sports events to team building, are created to keep you in touch with “Mother Nature” in such exciting and creative ways as would strengthen the bonds between the members of your team, and help you discover yourself while exploring your environment.

Triple Purpose is as well renowned locally and regionally for the media services it offers. Besides the “special effects service”, we take care of the whole process from scouting and location hunting on to implementation, using the most advanced techniques and equipments a TV program should require.